Josh Cooley in Alaska



Josh Cooley has committed his life to exploring the outdoors, shooting photos, filming and writing. He captures images and footage of and writes stories about amazing locations and people from the Colorado Rockies to Alaska's Chugach Mountains while skiing, hiking, and mountain biking where few others have the will or ability to go. A die-hard skier for the last 36 consecutive years, Josh explores extraordinary alpine environments and enables others to experience these places through his lens and words. Josh guided heli-skiing in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains for five years and was a ski instructor for seven years. A freelance writer and photographer, he has been published in numerous media including SKI Magazine, The Ski Journal, The Snowboarders Journal, Elevation Outdoors Magazine,, Unofficial Networks, The Ski Channel, Wyoming Business Report, Boulder County Business Report, Mountain Gazette, and others. Josh has shot video and co-produced several filming projects. He lives in Washington State’s Methow Valley and enjoys backcountry skiing, heli-skiing, hiking, climbing and mountain biking in the North Cascades.